Garrett Fennelly is an emerging entrepreneur and executive producer, with 10+ years of experience encompassing media production functions such as creating commercial entertainment products including short films, commercials, features, and music videos. He is highly creative and committed to quality programming of media productions while demonstrating an ability to assess projects for marketability and potential audience appeal. Garrett has an innate ability to understand program markets and worldwide audience dynamics. He has generated a strong return on investment for clientele across several industries via innovative commercials while managing idea generation, content management, casting, and talent management along with business marketing exposure. He has produced audience appealing commercial spots for Starbucks, NYTimes, NatGeo, Sephora, Porsche, and Mercedes.

Garrett has been recognized with a Video Music Award (VMA) from MTV for producing the OK GO video ("Writings on the Wall", winner of the 2014 MTV Video Music Award for Best Visual Effects), and another Regional East Coast Emmy Award in 2013 for producing the "1976 Knicks Lost Game Tape" for MSG. In his early career, Garrett produced award winning short films such as The Fort (Sundance 2012), Teacher of the Year (Tribeca Film Festival 2012), and KARAOKE! (Sundance 2013). He provides leadership to creative teams while managing valued client relations. Garrett successfully oversees the management of goals, deliverables, schedules, budgets, and resources.

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